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Penn Pals Philosophy

We know (like you do) that children are this world’s greatest resource. We know that there are many ways to nurture, care for and love our children.

Our goals are to provide your children with love and warmth, a safe and clean environment, a high-quality and age-appropriate curriculum with a variety of stimulating experiences. Penn Pals is a place where they feel secure and happy.

We can do this most successfully by fostering a close relationship with the family that has the healthy development of the child as the focal point. We always welcome and strongly encourage parents to drop in or call at any time during the day-just to say “hi” or to discuss their child’s progress.

The staff at Penn Pals all meet state regulations and are well trained in the most effective curriculum designed for your young children. We are here to serve your child and you. We will do all that we can to make you feel comfortable with your decision to choose Penn Pals Child Care Center.

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