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Resources that Make a Difference

At Penn Pals, one of our primary goals is to put you in touch with not only our resources, but other agencies that can help you in your search for information, assistance and expertise. Think of us as a portal for parents, professionals and advocates who are seeking to enrich the lives of the children who comprise our next generation.

Click on a link below to begin your search.

penntrafford.org This site is for the Penn-Trafford School District

aap.org This site is for the American Academy of Pediatrics for much information about childhood health issues

werptba.com This site is for the Penn Township Business Association and has a lot of information about local businesses

Healthychildren.org This site has useful information about keeping your child healthy

kids-meal-ideas.com This site can help give good ideas on creating healthy eating options for your child

chipcoverspakids.com This site provides information on the chip program for health care coverage for children

cciswestmoreland.com This site will give information on financial assistance for child care fees

dpw.state.pa.us This site is for the licensing regulations for child care centers

pacca.org This site is for the PA Child Care Association

pakeys.org This site is for the Keystone Stars Program

Prekinders.com This site provides many great ideas for the classroom