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Pre-School Rooms (3 and 4)

As preschoolers, our children are eager to learn more concepts. We accomplish this with a curriculum that is based on developmentally appropriate practices. We focus on language and literacy, math, science and gross and fine motor activities. They will have fun-filled experiences throughout the day in each area. The teachers also focus on recognizing letters of the alphabet, number recognition, beginning writing skills, science exploration and manipulative activities. Their gross motor skills are enhanced through outdoor play and group activities.

Each day, your child will receive a detailed report on their day which includes how they ate, drank, slept, their disposition, and any important observations that we might have made. This is provided through HiMama upon parent registration.

During October, and again later in the year, your child's teacher will be doing observations and also conduct testing in order to complete a developmental assessment of your child. This report describes your child's growth and development in the context of the services provided by Penn Pals. We complete these reports again in the early spring. The areas of observation align with Pennsylvania's learning standards for early childhood. In addition, we will be providing parents with a general overview of how the class performed as a group. By receiving this information you will be better able to gauge your child's academic performance. In so doing, we will continue to develop our weekly lesson plans and activities to help strengthen your child's knowledge in these areas. We also encourage parents to work with their child at home in these areas.

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